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Hello Carver Families!

Carver consists of 8 Pre-K Classrooms.  Our classrooms at Carver are based on the primary colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.  Carver also has Pre-K classrooms that are located offsite which include The Commons and Fowler.  The Commons is located at 301 S. Oakwood and offers a rewarding  intergenerational setting, allowing the residents of The Commons to interact inside the classroom with the children.  For example, the residents may assist the teacher with a special art project or the grandparents may read to the children.  Fowler Early Childhood Center is located at 102 South 30th.    

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Carver Early Childhood Center

815 Pastor Alfred Baldwin Jr Way

Enid, Oklahoma 73701

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Phone:  580-366-8600

Fax:  580-366-8918

Hours:  7:30am-4:00pm

Mrs. Christine Smith, Principal

Oklahoma A+

Great Expectations School


Fowler Early Childhood Center - Pre-K

102 S. 30th

Phone: 580-366-8620

Fax: 580-366-8935