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Daily Schedule

Monday Tuesday Checkout Wednesday Thursday- Music Friday   
9:00 Commons Libary 9:00 Red 9:00 Commons music 8:30 Purple library lesson 8:30 Commons library lesson
10:00 NWOSU Library 9:20 Orange 10:00 NWOSU music 9:00 Red 9:30 NWOSU library lesson
11:00 Blue library lesson 9:40 Yellow 10:30 Yellow library lesson 9:20 Orange  
  10:00 Green   9:40 Yellow  
  10:20 Blue   10:00 Green  
  12:30 Green library lesson   10:20 Blue  
      10:40 Purple  
      12:00 Red library lesson  
      12:30 Orange library lesson  



Every Tuesday will be check out time for each on-site class and the books will be due back on the same day the following week. I ask that you assist your student in following proper book care. 

  1. No food or drink while reading school library books
  2. Keep away from pets and younger siblings
  3. Don't read the books in the bathtub
  4. Handle books with care so everyone else may enjoy them
  5. Return books on time

Lost or damaged books carry a small restocking fee of $2.00, however there is no late fee. If books have been checked out longer than two weeks, I will begin sending home notes asking for their speedy return. No child will be kept from checking out a book in the Carver library, however, if your student still has a book that has not been returned, that student will have to keep their new library book in their classroom with their teacher until the old book is checked in to the library.

Thank you.


Tarra Stemen

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