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Our Day in Pre-K

Our Day in Pre-K

What is our day like in Pre-K?

Circle Time / Large Group

Our Circle Time (or Large Group) is like a class meeting and consists of music,
stories, and group discussions.  During group discussions, we talk about things the children are intersted in and wonder about.  We talk about things they have noticed recently or things that have happened.  Circle time can also be used to play math games or explore science.

Center Time
  Center Time is child-led, not teacher-directed. We have free choice centers. Children choose the centers they want to work in, and decide when they want to move to another center. I do not limit the number of children in each center, and I do not have signs showing how many children can go to a center. Children learn to regulate the centers themselves through problem-solving. Many of the materials are open-ended, and children are allowed to use them creatively and decide how to use materials. Art in the art center is open-ended, with no instructions from the teacher.
Small Group
  Small Group Time is seperate from Center Time, so that children are not interrupted in their work at centers.

We have one “Leader” each day who leads the line, holds the door, helps at the table, and assists the teacher in other ways as needed. We also have cleaning supplies available on a low shelf for the children to use anytime they need it.

Cleaning Kit:
hand brooms and dustpans
wet wipes
spray bottle of water
paper towels
handheld vacuum



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