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1.  How early can students arrive?

          A:  Students may arrive at 7:30 when the doors open.  At this time students may eat breakfast or wait in the lobby   

          until teachers arrive in the classroom at 7:45.  

2.  What time is breakfast served?

          A:  Breakfast is served from 7:30 till 7:55

3.  What time does school start and end?

          A:  Class starts at 8:00, students will be counted tardy past 8:00.  If tardy, students need to report to office for a  

          tardy slip.  School is dismissed at 2:30.  Parents need to display number provided by school in order to pick up your


4.  My child will not be at school today, what do I need to do?

          A:  Please notify the school at 580-366-8600.  The office will call to check up on your child if we have not heard

          from you.  

5.  What if my child is sick or not feeling well?

          A:  If your child is sick or not feeling well, it is best to keep them home until they feel better.  If your child has a

          fever, diarrhea, or vomiting, they must stay home until all symptoms have stopped for at least 24 hours without


6.  My child takes medicine, what do I need to do?

          A:  Please call the office at 580-366-8600.  All medicine has to be approved by the school nurse. Must have proper 

          paperwork filled out by prescribing doctor before the school nurse can approve.